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Brad Griffith, Principal

Brad Griffith

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Dr. Andrew Ross, Assistant Principal

Dr. Andy Ross
Assistant Principal
9th Grade
Class of 2027
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Annette Hayes, Assistant Principal

Annette Hayes
Assistant Principal
10th Grade
Class of 2026
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Mike Tarpey, Assistant Principal

Mike Tarpey
Assistant Principal
11th Grade
Class of 2025
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Dr. Beth Rapoff

Dr. Beth Rapoff
Associate Principal
12th Grade
Class of 2024
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James Sievers

Jim Sievers
SSD Area Coordinator
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Athletic Department

Nick Gianino, Activities Director

Nick Gianino
Activities Director
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Jenifer Strohbeck, Activities Coordinator

Jenifer Strohbeck
Activities Coordinator
Email Mrs. Strohbeck

Greg Kendall, Activities Coordinator

Greg Kendall
Activities Coordinator
Email Mr. Kindall

Front Office Staff

Artina Clark-Lloyd, Receptionist

Artina Clark-Lloyd
(314) 983-5400
Email Ms. Clark-Lloyd

Becky Jenkins, Attendance Secretary

Becky Jenkins
Attendance Secretary
(314) 983-5414
Email Mrs. Jenkins

Lynda Rater, Administrative Assistant-Accounting

Lynda Rater
Business Secretary
(314) 983-5419
Email Ms. Rater

Charlotte Robinson, Registrar

Charlotte Robinson
(314) 983-5415
Email Mrs. Robinson

Katherine Takami, Administrative Assistant

Katherine Takami
Administrative Assistant to Principal Mr. Brad Griffith
(314) 983-5402
Email Ms. Takami

Karyn Willard, Administrative Assistant

Karyn Willard
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Andrew Ross and Mrs. Annette Hayes
(314) 983-5405
Email Mrs. Willard 

Heather Flaherty, Administrative Assistant

Heather Flaherty
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Beth Rapoff and Mr. Mike Tarpey
(314) 983-5410
Email Mrs. Flaherty