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College & Career Advising Team

Diana Redden College and Career Counselor

Diana Redden
(Serving Families A-K)
Email Diana Redden
(314) 983-5542

Chad Sisk College and Career Counselor

Chad Sisk
(Serving Families L-Z)
Email Chad Sisk
(314) 983-5542

Gayle Noll Administrative Assistant College and Career Office

Gayle Noll
Administrative Assistant
College & Career Office
Email Gayle Noll
(314) 983-5542

Our Purpose

The Ladue Horton Watkins High School (LHWHS) College & Career Office is here to serve all students. Whether students are thinking about attending college, pursuing a gap year before college, entering the workforce or serving in the military, we are here to support students as they plan their futures.

Approximately 90% of LHWHS students choose to continue their education at a college or university, and the match between student and college is one of our primary concerns. Therefore, we assist students in discovering colleges that will allow them to achieve the greatest success and to emerge from the experience as well-prepared as possible to lead productive and satisfying lives. Our function is to guide students and families in making the best decisions to meet their goals, while acknowledging that the final decision-making role remains with the student and his or her family.

Students’ best interests are served through good communication among the four parties involved—the student, the school, the parents, and the colleges/universities, and the LHWHS College & Career Office seeks to facilitate that communication between all parties.

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