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Schedule Change Protocol

The purpose of the schedule change protocol is to ensure individual students complete the state of Missouri and Ladue School District graduation requirements and to ensure optimal utilization of the master schedule developed for all students.

The following plan is in place to ensure students and parents/guardians have opportunities to review course selections and students have opportunities to meet with counselors prior to the creation of the master schedule. Once the master schedule is built, schedule changes made after this time will be on a very limited basis. 

Please review the following timeline and note deadlines: 

  1. Students should take time to carefully choose their course requests for the following school year. When students meet with their counselors in January, they will sign up for courses for the following school year.
  2. Students will receive a copy of their course requests to review with their parent(s)/guardian(s). A copy will also be sent to parents through ParentSquare or other electronic means.
  3. Students will be notified one final time two weeks prior to the schedule change deadline in order to make any adjustments to the requests.
  4. The master schedule will then be created. Students who have course conflicts, classes that did not make due to low enrollment, and other schedule-related issues will have an opportunity for a final review of their schedule prior to the end of the school year. 
  5. Schedule adjustments will not be made after the schedule change deadlines except for the following reasons: clerical error, student passed course in which they enrolled, or student completed summer school. Therefore, it is necessary that students carefully review their schedule.